How To Set Up Acoustic Drums

Hybrid Electric Acoustic Drum Set

Building a hybrid electric / acoustic drum set. VLOG 038 - March 4, 2017 All music licensed or used by permission. MY GEAR:

How to sit with proper drum set posture · Sit with your back straight. When playing your drum kit, keep your back straight. · Adjust the height of your drum

You can configure the drums any way you'd like, but the most common setup to get you started is to have the snare between your legs, the small Sweetwater

How to Set Up a Drum Set – Your Step By Step Guide · Make sure your lower back is supported and that your legs can move freely around. · Make sure

1. Stool · 2. Kick Drum · 3. Snare · 4. Hi Hat · 5. Toms · 6. Cymbals · 7. Full Kit Test · 8. Making Your Drum Kit Sound Amazing.

Beginner Drum Kit: Setting up the Drum Kit · Stool Height · Snare Drum · Bass Drum · Bass Pedal · Hi-Hat · Cymbal Spacing · Tom Toms · Undrilled Bass Drums. Liberty Park Music

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