Yamaha Resonant Bass Drum Head

bass drum resonant head sound comparison

kick recorded with porthole kick recorded without porthole sound comparison record - kick mic shure pg52.

Slingerland 22" Calf Skin Resonant Logo Bass Drum Calfskin Head Vintage 60s 1960 USA 22" Yamaha Bass Drum Skin | Clear Batter Head Dampening Ring #SK448.

Remo Smooth White Ambassador heads are medium-heavy, made with a single ply of 10-mil Mylar film to produce an open, bright, and resonant sound with plenty

14 2012 . — I'm looking to buy a new resonant side bass drum head for my yammie recording customs, any one know where i can find one with the yamaha

Bass Drum Resonant Front Head Size: 22, P3 Version, With Classic Yamaha logo, comes with a sticky "silicony" type ring to create a mic port hole thats

Got a new resonant bass drum head but unsure how or where to cut the port hole? Want to know what a bass drum hole does? Wondering whether you actually need

Was wondering if anyone knows where to purchase some Yamaha bass drum resonant heads. Searched everywhere and cant seem to mind them.

This Smooth White Ambassador Marching Bass Drum Head with Yamaha logo comes in sizes 14 thru Individually Marching Bass Heads.